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Creating a Modern Backyard Kitchen Area

Basic accommodations of any outdoor kitchen space

backyard kitchen modern designThis is the time to prepare your backyard fun cookouts with friends and family. Your backyard can easily be transformed into a backyard oasis with an outdoor cooking space. No need for a pool when you have a great place for relaxation, conversation and tasty food. An outdoor kitchen means no need for endless trips to and from the house. Everything you need, within reach, without leaving your guests.

These outdoor spaces create an extension of your home. Here are some ideas to help you design your own custom kitchen in the great outdoors.

Modern is in and trending

backyard kitchen modern designOpen air kitchens can coordinate your cutting edge home. As it were, the outside kitchen doesn’t need to be traditional with cliché décor and style. Instead it can be cutting edge and have a modern feel.

Be sure to leave space for storing

storage for outdoor kitchenThe more storage space the better. You want to be sure everything you need for prepping and cooking a meal is readily available. After all, one of the best benefits of these outdoor areas is not having to go inside to get stuff. Since this is an outdoor area its best to go with stainless steel; it can stand up to the elements while offering a modern touch.

Make sure it has all the accommodations of an actual room

accessories for outdoor kitchenAs previously stated, this is an extension of your home. As a result, it should have much of what you would expect to find in a room. This is best done by covering the area with a pergola or build it in your existing patio area. By constructing this outdoor hangout area in a covered space you will find it offers a cozy and unique feel. Check out this space, fully equipped with fan, cupboards even a range.

Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza

outdoor pizza ovenNothing says social get-together like pizza. The nice thing about an outdoor kitchen is you can install a homemade pizza oven. Quality homemade pizza only comes with high bursts of intense heat which you can’t achieve with most standard ovens. So move over hamburgers and hotogs and hello tasty pizza with all the fixin’s!

Conversation areas are about sitting and relaxing, don’t’ forget the seatingseating for outdoor

There are endless ideas of modern DIY seating online; use these search results for inspiration in creating the perfect relaxation seating. Don’t forget about the big game: how about a TV, surround sound and a fridge.

Lighting is key for any space

lighting for bbq kitchen

Most outside barbecues occur around evening time. Lights can offer a huge upgrade to your ambiance as soon as the sun goes down. Moreover, do you really want to be grilling by the light from your phone? I think now. If you have a covered area then you’ll surely want to add a ceiling fan with lights, like this area below.

The floor beneath your feet

flooring for modern kitchen outdoorCheck out what the use of checked black and white tiles do this area. Since the floor covers the entire space of your outdoor kitchen, the flooring you select will have a huge effect on the mood. If you’re going for a modern look stick with solid pattern tiles.

The Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink area

Okay, it goes without saying, you don’t have an outdoor kitchen with a sink. When prepping and cooking you need to have running water. Even if it’s a small sink, it’s key. You don’t need to worry about using it for dishes and such, mostly for keeping your hands and surfaces clean when dealing with meat.


kitchen cabinets design

How to select the best cabinets for your Kitchen?

Cabinets Influence your Kitchen’s Style More than You Think

This is the fact that cabinets shapes are the foundation of the kitchen. Design the cabinetry to influence the most utilization of your kitchen’s size and floor to design.

Before you spend a significant piece of your money plan the things mannerly, ensure you’re picking astutely.

Secondary to interior paint colors, flooring, cabinets are sure to be the next major feature that will have an impact on your home’s style.  Here’s the way to choose the best cabinets for your kitchen.interior design

1. What are the style of your home and your kitchen?

The first thing is the existing stylistic layout and style of home. This assumes a part in the kind of cabinet to pick. The style you pick will impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

Despite which way you go, distinguishing the style you’re searching for will help limit your emphasis on the easy decisions and give some direction to kitchen planners as well. Keep Reading