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Hacks and Tips to Bring Organization Into Your Home

Certain places in the home naturally accumulate more clutter than others. The busiest parts of the house, or places used for storage, are often the most difficult to keep in check. By adding a little organization to areas such as the kitchen, the garage, and your closets, you can really begin to tackle all that clutter in your home.


With limited space, the kitchen has the difficult chore of having to store a multitude. From food to appliances to cleaning products, the kitchen can get full quite quickly.

Getting  creative in the kitchen will take on a whole new meaning after reading through these inspirational tips and tricks for saving space and staying organized:

  1. Use CD and DVD holders to neatly store container lids:
  2. Magazine racks can be fastened to the inside of cabinets for a great storage solution:
  3. Stick-on hooks on cabinet doors make great holders for pot lids:
  4. Keep electrical adapters and sockets out of the way and dry with this excellent idea. All you need is a rack and some hooks:rack and some hooks
  5. Stick a magnetic strip to the underside of your favorite set of containers. With a magnetic board, you can creatively store herbs and spices:a magnetic strip
  6. Spray bottles can be hung from a door towel rack to make the most out of your under-the-sink space:


 The garage can become prone to the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Over the years, storing tools, household items, clothing, books, you name it, garages can fill up fast. By taking advantage of nifty garage hacks, your garage will stay neat, tidy and organized:

  1. Reuse old motor oil and detergent containers and make neat storage places for nails, screws, nuts and other small items:detergent containers
  2. Attach the lids of a jam jars to the underside of shelves, and use the jar as a space saving way to store nails:jam jars
  3. Another way to store small items is to cut lines through a shelf and slide in sandwich-bags:sandwich bags
  4. Mount varied lengths of PVC tubing to store things like screwdrivers and drill bits:PVC tubing
  5. In fact, PVC tubing can have many versatile storage applications in the garage:versatile storage applications
  6. Consider maximizing your space by using the ceiling for storage purposes:using the ceiling for storage


You may not want to part with it but you don’t have space for it. This perfectly sums up most people’s experiences with their closets. From seasonal clothing, to accessories and shoes, the closet can easily become a cluttered mess. Here are some great ways to maximize limited closet space:

  1. Use a length of large-linked chain to fit more clothes on hangers in your closet:clothes on hangers
  2. A row of coat hooks can provide a decorative way to store bras:coat hooks
  3. Use the inside of your closet door as a way to display accessories:display accessories
  4. Clever folding can be a huge space saver and provide easy access to clothes:
  5. Organize your shoes on roll-out shelving to capitalize on space:display accessories
  6. Put shower curtain rings on a hanger to store your scarves or ties:rings on a hanger
AC Summer

Energy Saving Tips for Cutting Down on A/C in the Summer

Summer heat can be crushing and the A/C will cost a lot more to operate. Getting cool with these tips to save on the A/C in the summer is a priority. First off – it goes without saying – a hot summer in southwest states is not comfortable without an A/C. Saving on power bills is achieved by following these suggestions to keep your unit running at minimal cost. It’s easy to be unconscious of your electricity usage when going through your day; but it’s sure to cost you. Those surprise gigantic electric bills can be avoided by following these simple tips to keep your summer bill down.

AC Savings on Summer

Suggestions: Saving on expenses for the A/C

Inspect all insulation

Proper insulation is important to keep the cold air inside. Old homes need to have all windows, door seals and unseen cracks to be checked; if there are any trouble areas they must be addressed and sealed. Make sure that the cold air will not seep out or the unit will run more often then necessary.

A Smart thermostat

You’ll need a smart upgrade (no pun intended) to replace an analogue thermostat.  Apps will make it easy to regulate heating and cooling without spending more; plus, it’s efficient.

Thermostat installation

Location is everything when it comes to installing an electrical device like a thermostat. Installing on wall away from the sun and with good air flow is much better than installing it near a hot window. Unnecessary exposure to heat will cause the thermostat to start up the AC too often and when not needed. If need, find a certified electrician near you to complete the install.

Blinds are closed

When open it will let in sunlight and the thermostat to adjust itself though not needed. Closed blinds will lessen heat and keep the house cooler. Keeping cool air inside the house will prevent it from seeping out with proper insulation and closed blinds.

Use a circulating fan

Raising the thermostat when warm is not advised because it is better to get a ceiling fan for circulating the cold air instead. A fan is more energy efficient than a thermostat running the AC. Smart fans will work well with apps that control it wirelessly for convenience.

A/C temperature on high

Kept at colder setting not lower because an AC will work double time if not cold enough. Keeping a programmable AC running high is more efficient compared to the thermostat cycling the setting when away from home.

A/C set on low is no

The AC on high will cost less than keeping it low which consumes more power. Set at the coldest will cost less and cools more efficiently. Getting a saving of 10% annually on cooling expenses when the thermostat is set at 10-15 degrees more at 8 hours a day is possible too!

Benefits: Tips to save on the AC in the summer

No one likes the summer heat but we need the AC to keep our “literal” cool when it’s needed. These tips to save on the AC in the summer is done several ways and to optimize cooling our homes. These seven tips that keep the AC working without incurring expensive bills is easy to follow and understand too.