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Looking to install real wood flooring but don’t have the budget?

You have options, and just because it’s not true hardwood flooring, doesn’t mean it can’t look like it.hardwood flooring alternatives
  1.  The Flooring Underneath Your Current Flooring

hardwood under carpetWhat is under your current floor? Have any idea? You may be surprised to find gold. While this article is designed to provide ideas to obtaining woodlike floors without the cost of real wood; you could score big without having to pay for new flooring.

Every now and then, as a carpet installer, I’ll pull up old floors only to discover older and more beautiful flooring below.

Without a doubt, there is a decent measure of needed to renovate old beat up sections of flooring, which were likely concealed on the grounds that a prior resident did not choose to contribute the time – should you decide to invest the time into these older wood floors, you’ll likely walk away with a floor worth thousands for a fraction of the price.

The restoration of these timeless floors can be renewed by a restoration company. Many flooring installers will provide this service. However, it’s something you can also do yourself. Even if you don’t have a commercial sander or edging equipment, you can rent it.

A few DIY product recos should you decide to take on the project yourself:

  • Varathane Spar Varnish
  • Minwax Wood Stain
  • Minwax Wood Putty

These three base products I use to restore boards and it will set you back about $50.

For more details on the products, other items you will need and a step-by-step tutorial, visit the Home Depot walkthough. FYI, in some cases you will find that certain boards are too far gone to save; in this case, you should try paint or even a lacquer varnish to match them with the rest of the floorboards.

2. Replace with Laminate Flooring

I know, eeewww laminate flooring, right? No, it’s not really what you think. Obviously it’s the most affordable way to obtain wood-like floors; but it actually looks good too.

Think back to a time in digital technology when nobody owned a color or ink jet printer; most all documents were in black and white. If you did have a color printer the resolution was so low that there was no way to convince anyone that your printed photo was of reasonable digital quality. Same goes for lamented flooring. We are now in a day in age where anything printed looks almost as close to the real thing. So these advances have made it difficult for one to distinguish between real wood floors and a printed version of it.

Don’t believe me? Stop by your local flooring store. Or, check out some of these images.

3. Engineered Wood Flooring

Many people think engineered flooring is just a glorified piece of laminate flooring. While that is true, engineered wood contains real wood. This means it has all the benefits of a real looking wood floor grain, while having a texture and feel just like a solid piece of wood.

engineered wood alterntive
Engineered wood floors can have all the texture, grains and look of a true wood floor.

Benefits of installing engineered wood flooring:

  • Flooring cost is considerably less than real wood
  • Installation cost is less than real wood
  • They can be sanded down once or twice if needed throughout their lifetime
  • No need to control the clement during installation like you must when installing real hardwood

When it comes to installation, there is no need for all the expertise one would need to install real wood floors. No need for things like screws, nails, or glue. Because you are installing what is known a floating floor you can make amateur mistakes without finding yourself in a world of trouble as you near the completion of your installation. Make a mistake when installing real wood flooring and you could find yourself needing to tear up a large portion of your floor to fix it.

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