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Apartment Moving Tips to Avoid Cluttering Your New Home

Moving time is here; time to rid yourself of all the crap for a fresh start.

Do you fear of moving the greater part of your garbage to another condo influence you to need to simply light everything of flame to abstain from dealing with it? All things considered, don’t jump off the deep end and review these tips to avoid taking clutter with you to your next place.

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Let’s review some proven tips to make your new home clutter free, while making the transition as easy as possible. Discussing how to

  • experience the joy of a minimalist lifestyle
  • clear out your old apartment with the DIY approach
  • clear out your old apartment with the donation approach
  • clear out your apartment by hiring a pro hauling company
  • lastly, how to get your rental deposit back

Don’t Move Junk

It’s likely you have a greater amount of it than you might suspect. Let’s look into how you can reduce the load, make your migration less intense, and find that renewed joy that comes with a new living environment.

How to audit what you need to get rid of

So that it goes well with you, for Pete’s sake, remove the garbage. You, old buddy, similar to every one of us, have been accumulating garbage in that loft for quite a long time. You likely don’t realize it until it’s moving time and you start boxing up your rooms; but you’ll find that you have more stuff than you need.  Begin by getting out all that junk out of your apartment and into the nearest dumpster. Audit those storage rooms, drawers, and throw out all that garbage.  Now, this isn’t a matter of just throwing out things that look like trash. This is a serious reduction of crap. This means, if you haven’t used it in more than 6 months, consider getting rid of it.

We buy stuff all the time which we use a handful of times and then we just keep it; even if we will never use it again. It’s this obsession we have with “stuff” and “things”. Afterall, it’s the American Way. But this is why it’s common for us to hoard and keep clutter around. We have to let go. This is certainly a time to evaluate items by asking yourself “why should you keep it” instead of “why should I get rid of it”.

This is the only way to reduce the chance of taking clutter with you to your next place. You have to be honest with yourself. No item left unturned – everything gets evaluated before it gets put in a box marked to be shipped to your new place.

Put all this stuff that doesn’t make the cut into a pile. WARNING: don’t make a “undecided” pile. This is a classic amateur mistake. We have no room for undecided piles…Black and white, yes or no, that’s it. We will take no prisoners.

Don’t make a “undecided” pile. This is a classic amateur mistake.

new apartment checklist
If it’s not on this list, you likely don’t need it. Wait till you get your house to collect additional stuff.

Keep purging

Remember how much space you have at your new residence. On the off chance that your storage room offers less space, donate shoes, shirts, dresses, etc. before you end up taking them with you. Imagine a closet you can actually look into and see the carpet below. Wouldn’t that be amazing? In the event that the kitchen comes with less pantry space or cabinet space for pots and pans you have to reduce, reduce reduce.

cluttered kitchen
This is likely too much stuff if you’re moving into a two bedroom apartment.

Start  by throwing out that Tupperware set that you only have two lids for. Are all those plastic storage containers necessary? Do you have 3 sets of pots and pans? Can you do with just three pans, three pots? Do you have a commercial kitchen? How many pots and pans can you really use simultaneously? I get it; you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year in your new apartment, but really, does it make sense to double your kitchen inventory for one day?

You’ve cut down on the clutter, now what?

When you have migrated everything you must have to your new residence, you need to manage the consequence of your old condo. I thought “consequences” was a suiting verbiage here. There’s almost nothing worst than working your tail off for day or two, having all your stuff in a new place, then having to return back to you old disaster area. It sucks. All you want to do is sit and enjoy your new spot, after all, you’ve worked for it. It goes without saying: your old place must be entirely spotless. You can’t abandon waste or garbage, you can’t desert that old mattress and couch that you don’t need any more.

Everything must go…remands me of a movie made right here in Phoenix, ‘Everything Must Go’; not the best movie by any means, but worth the watch (if you can stand to watch Will Ferrell on the big screen, while this isn’t the exact same Will we all know).

moving out
Will Ferrell in ‘Everything Must Go’, filmed in Phoenix, AZ.

Anyway, back on topic:

If you leave anything, and I mean anything behind you can say bye-bye to your deposit monies. Insert sad face emoji here.  Yup, if they don’t keep all if it, the will at least keep whatever it cost to hire a company to remove all the stuff left behind. And you can expect, if they pay $250 for the removal, they’ll charge you about $500.

AZ Junk will evacuate, pull, reuse or give the majority of that garbage you need to dispose of.

Making the final cleanout process easier

DIY Method

Haul garbage to the dumpster, clean out all items, check whether your neighbors need items you are not keeping; if possible, find out if the new renters will want that love seat which you may not have room for in your new spot. FYI: if they do want it, it’s probably best to get it in writing; also inform the landlord so he knows you didn’t just abandon it.

Donation Method

Call up a your local Goodwill. Sometimes they can do a pickup within the same week of calling them to schedule a pickup. The only problem with this scenario is they will only take items that can be donated, or are still in reusable condition. If everything you have left is literally junk, you may gain little benefit from this method.

Lazy Man’s (or Woman’s) Method

Here’s where some pro help could come in handy. So you have that big pile of get rid of stuff, a couch and that DVD shelf; you can hire a hauling company to cleanout everything. While you’ll pay to have the stuff hauled away, the cost usually beats having to haul stuff down from the second story. Not to mention, once you get it the stuff outside, what do you do with it? I mean, the garbage, no problem, throw it in the dumpster; but what about that couch, mattress and DVD shelf?   You can’t just abandon it at the dumpster; well, you could — but let’s say for simplicity you’re a good citizen — a decent person wouldn’t illegally dump stuff for someone else to cleanup.

So to summarize, the final property cleanup is much easier enjoyed with a cold beer as you watch a professional company clear out everything in one swoop.

Last but not least, be sure to leave the property in somewhat close to the condition you received it in. This means a good a decent vacuum, mopping and quick wipe down of counters, walls and baseboards.  This should be good enough to get your entire security deposit back. See, that wasn’t so terrible.

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