Hacks and Tips to Bring Organization Into Your Home

Certain places in the home naturally accumulate more clutter than others. The busiest parts of the house, or places used for storage, are often the most difficult to keep in check. By adding a little organization to areas such as the kitchen, the garage, and your closets, you can really begin to tackle all that clutter in your home.


With limited space, the kitchen has the difficult chore of having to store a multitude. From food to appliances to cleaning products, the kitchen can get full quite quickly.

Getting  creative in the kitchen will take on a whole new meaning after reading through these inspirational tips and tricks for saving space and staying organized:

  1. Use CD and DVD holders to neatly store container lids:
  2. Magazine racks can be fastened to the inside of cabinets for a great storage solution:
  3. Stick-on hooks on cabinet doors make great holders for pot lids:
  4. Keep electrical adapters and sockets out of the way and dry with this excellent idea. All you need is a rack and some hooks:rack and some hooks
  5. Stick a magnetic strip to the underside of your favorite set of containers. With a magnetic board, you can creatively store herbs and spices:a magnetic strip
  6. Spray bottles can be hung from a door towel rack to make the most out of your under-the-sink space:


 The garage can become prone to the old adage: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Over the years, storing tools, household items, clothing, books, you name it, garages can fill up fast. By taking advantage of nifty garage hacks, your garage will stay neat, tidy and organized:

  1. Reuse old motor oil and detergent containers and make neat storage places for nails, screws, nuts and other small items:detergent containers
  2. Attach the lids of a jam jars to the underside of shelves, and use the jar as a space saving way to store nails:jam jars
  3. Another way to store small items is to cut lines through a shelf and slide in sandwich-bags:sandwich bags
  4. Mount varied lengths of PVC tubing to store things like screwdrivers and drill bits:PVC tubing
  5. In fact, PVC tubing can have many versatile storage applications in the garage:versatile storage applications
  6. Consider maximizing your space by using the ceiling for storage purposes:using the ceiling for storage


You may not want to part with it but you don’t have space for it. This perfectly sums up most people’s experiences with their closets. From seasonal clothing, to accessories and shoes, the closet can easily become a cluttered mess. Here are some great ways to maximize limited closet space:

  1. Use a length of large-linked chain to fit more clothes on hangers in your closet:clothes on hangers
  2. A row of coat hooks can provide a decorative way to store bras:coat hooks
  3. Use the inside of your closet door as a way to display accessories:display accessories
  4. Clever folding can be a huge space saver and provide easy access to clothes:
  5. Organize your shoes on roll-out shelving to capitalize on space:display accessories
  6. Put shower curtain rings on a hanger to store your scarves or ties:rings on a hanger
AC Summer

Energy Saving Tips for Cutting Down on A/C in the Summer

Summer heat can be crushing and the A/C will cost a lot more to operate. Getting cool with these tips to save on the A/C in the summer is a priority. First off – it goes without saying – a hot summer in southwest states is not comfortable without an A/C. Saving on power bills is achieved by following these suggestions to keep your unit running at minimal cost. It’s easy to be unconscious of your electricity usage when going through your day; but it’s sure to cost you. Those surprise gigantic electric bills can be avoided by following these simple tips to keep your summer bill down.

AC Savings on Summer

Suggestions: Saving on expenses for the A/C

Inspect all insulation

Proper insulation is important to keep the cold air inside. Old homes need to have all windows, door seals and unseen cracks to be checked; if there are any trouble areas they must be addressed and sealed. Make sure that the cold air will not seep out or the unit will run more often then necessary.

A Smart thermostat

You’ll need a smart upgrade (no pun intended) to replace an analogue thermostat.  Apps will make it easy to regulate heating and cooling without spending more; plus, it’s efficient.

Thermostat installation

Location is everything when it comes to installing an electrical device like a thermostat. Installing on wall away from the sun and with good air flow is much better than installing it near a hot window. Unnecessary exposure to heat will cause the thermostat to start up the AC too often and when not needed. If need, find a certified electrician near you to complete the install.

Blinds are closed

When open it will let in sunlight and the thermostat to adjust itself though not needed. Closed blinds will lessen heat and keep the house cooler. Keeping cool air inside the house will prevent it from seeping out with proper insulation and closed blinds.

Use a circulating fan

Raising the thermostat when warm is not advised because it is better to get a ceiling fan for circulating the cold air instead. A fan is more energy efficient than a thermostat running the AC. Smart fans will work well with apps that control it wirelessly for convenience.

A/C temperature on high

Kept at colder setting not lower because an AC will work double time if not cold enough. Keeping a programmable AC running high is more efficient compared to the thermostat cycling the setting when away from home.

A/C set on low is no

The AC on high will cost less than keeping it low which consumes more power. Set at the coldest will cost less and cools more efficiently. Getting a saving of 10% annually on cooling expenses when the thermostat is set at 10-15 degrees more at 8 hours a day is possible too!

Benefits: Tips to save on the AC in the summer

No one likes the summer heat but we need the AC to keep our “literal” cool when it’s needed. These tips to save on the AC in the summer is done several ways and to optimize cooling our homes. These seven tips that keep the AC working without incurring expensive bills is easy to follow and understand too.

Carpet and Rug Flooring tips

The Best Carpet & Rug Flooring Tips

It may seem trivial but getting carpet and rug flooring is often taken for granted and because it’s just on the floor and underfoot. Compared to other decisions about furniture, appliances which is just as important as well. Most of the time getting a carpet is usually done rarely and most will consider other expenses than it. It’s important to understand the basics of carpet before running out and purchasing 1000 sq. ft. of it. It’s not solely an investment on your pocketbook but it will ultimately affect your home’s decor for better or worse.

Reasons for getting the right carpet or rug material

Rug Material

We’ve got to know why we need it and these factors should be considered.

  • There are specific kinds of carpets for flooring that work best for a specific need.
  • Good quality carpets and underpads do matter so knowing what works best is crucial.
  • Overspending on the wrong carpet or flooring is a no-no.
  • A carpet is not just for decoration but serves a specific function! Without a carpet on the floor then you’ll get chilly feet!

The most common mistakes made by consumers

Avoiding these mistakes to make sure that you get the correct carpet and rug material for flooring.

Weight of Carpet

A carpets weight does not assure a good buy! How heavy or light it is will not affect the make and quality of it. Factors like twist and density are not obvious and you’ll need to do research on the best option available. Not all sales reps aren’t that familiar with it or don’t really care about their product! Sales reps don’t know everything so you’ll need to know what you need when buying.

Good Underpad

Getting a good underpad will save you more money when spending on a stiff budget! The right underpad will not come cheap but it will be value for money spent. The wrong one will not be very comfortable or safe at all because it won’t keep feet cushioned and comfortable with no added safety as well. Cheap-out on the underpad; the continual wear and tear because of daily foot traffic will wear it out! A good underpad cushions the carpet and it does not wear out easily. Get a good underpad and not on an expensive carpet or flooring material for budgeted expenses.

Subtle Differences

Rugs do not have the same pattern or feel are not all similar because of subtle differences between them. Materials like what fibre they’re made of and what style or pattern is used will determine overall quality. One indicator of a high-quality carpet is how long the warranty is and a long one means a long-life quality product!

Right Measurement

Know how much carpet is needed and to keep the budget tight and not over-spend to get the right carpet and underpad for installation. Most will make the mistake of not checking how much square footage of rug will be needed. Never delegate this to any sales rep to make sure that the right square footage is used for precise installation.

Purchase on Deals

Deals are much cheaper when getting a new carpet or rug flooring with free installation. Most packages with free installation for an entire floor area is false because nothing comes totally cheap. Most promos will discount the carpet and rug flooring and the underpad used for it but is it the specific one needed? Hidden costs will be reflected elsewhere and the real cost might shock you instead. Carpet and flooring packages should be looked over twice and be vigilant when you get it!

Hire Expert for Installation

DIY is not recommended for carpet installation but get it done by an experienced flooring contractor. Carpet installation done by experts is preferred because they know just what to do. No wastage of rug material and the underpad from errors compared to DIY jobs because it’s done by pros!

Get the compatible rug for any lifestyle. A rug or carpet that can take more physical wear and tear is better for big families with animals. Considering the climate is important like having a synthetic rug that lessens mold and mildew or a rug that doesn’t fade when installing hot places.

Choose the best carpet and rug flooring for you

These tips and pointers are a useful guide to choose carpet and rug flooring for homeowners. Mistakes committed when choosing rugs can be avoided and anyone can have beautifully installed carpets anywhere in the house! A cold floor is not very nice or safe but carpets will be a functional enhancement of any home and it will be much more comfortable too.

storage for outdoor kitchen

Creating a Modern Backyard Kitchen Area

Basic accommodations of any outdoor kitchen space

backyard kitchen modern designThis is the time to prepare your backyard fun cookouts with friends and family. Your backyard can easily be transformed into a backyard oasis with an outdoor cooking space. No need for a pool when you have a great place for relaxation, conversation and tasty food. An outdoor kitchen means no need for endless trips to and from the house. Everything you need, within reach, without leaving your guests.

These outdoor spaces create an extension of your home. Here are some ideas to help you design your own custom kitchen in the great outdoors.

Modern is in and trending

backyard kitchen modern designOpen air kitchens can coordinate your cutting edge home. As it were, the outside kitchen doesn’t need to be traditional with cliché décor and style. Instead it can be cutting edge and have a modern feel.

Be sure to leave space for storing

storage for outdoor kitchenThe more storage space the better. You want to be sure everything you need for prepping and cooking a meal is readily available. After all, one of the best benefits of these outdoor areas is not having to go inside to get stuff. Since this is an outdoor area its best to go with stainless steel; it can stand up to the elements while offering a modern touch.

Make sure it has all the accommodations of an actual room

accessories for outdoor kitchenAs previously stated, this is an extension of your home. As a result, it should have much of what you would expect to find in a room. This is best done by covering the area with a pergola or build it in your existing patio area. By constructing this outdoor hangout area in a covered space you will find it offers a cozy and unique feel. Check out this space, fully equipped with fan, cupboards even a range.

Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza

outdoor pizza ovenNothing says social get-together like pizza. The nice thing about an outdoor kitchen is you can install a homemade pizza oven. Quality homemade pizza only comes with high bursts of intense heat which you can’t achieve with most standard ovens. So move over hamburgers and hotogs and hello tasty pizza with all the fixin’s!

Conversation areas are about sitting and relaxing, don’t’ forget the seatingseating for outdoor

There are endless ideas of modern DIY seating online; use these search results for inspiration in creating the perfect relaxation seating. Don’t forget about the big game: how about a TV, surround sound and a fridge.

Lighting is key for any space

lighting for bbq kitchen

Most outside barbecues occur around evening time. Lights can offer a huge upgrade to your ambiance as soon as the sun goes down. Moreover, do you really want to be grilling by the light from your phone? I think now. If you have a covered area then you’ll surely want to add a ceiling fan with lights, like this area below.

The floor beneath your feet

flooring for modern kitchen outdoorCheck out what the use of checked black and white tiles do this area. Since the floor covers the entire space of your outdoor kitchen, the flooring you select will have a huge effect on the mood. If you’re going for a modern look stick with solid pattern tiles.

The Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink area

Okay, it goes without saying, you don’t have an outdoor kitchen with a sink. When prepping and cooking you need to have running water. Even if it’s a small sink, it’s key. You don’t need to worry about using it for dishes and such, mostly for keeping your hands and surfaces clean when dealing with meat.


hardwood under carpet


Looking to install real wood flooring but don’t have the budget?

You have options, and just because it’s not true hardwood flooring, doesn’t mean it can’t look like it.hardwood flooring alternatives
  1.  The Flooring Underneath Your Current Flooring

hardwood under carpetWhat is under your current floor? Have any idea? You may be surprised to find gold. While this article is designed to provide ideas to obtaining woodlike floors without the cost of real wood; you could score big without having to pay for new flooring.

Every now and then, as a carpet installer, I’ll pull up old floors only to discover older and more beautiful flooring below. Keep Reading

apartment moving

Apartment Moving Tips to Avoid Cluttering Your New Home

Moving time is here; time to rid yourself of all the crap for a fresh start.

Do you fear of moving the greater part of your garbage to another condo influence you to need to simply light everything of flame to abstain from dealing with it? All things considered, don’t jump off the deep end and review these tips to avoid taking clutter with you to your next place.

apt tips minimalist

Let’s review some proven tips to make your new home clutter free, while making the transition as easy as possible. Discussing how to

  • experience the joy of a minimalist lifestyle
  • clear out your old apartment with the DIY approach
  • clear out your old apartment with the donation approach
  • clear out your apartment by hiring a pro hauling company
  • lastly, how to get your rental deposit back
    Keep Reading
kitchen cabinets design

How to select the best cabinets for your Kitchen?

Cabinets Influence your Kitchen’s Style More than You Think

This is the fact that cabinets shapes are the foundation of the kitchen. Design the cabinetry to influence the most utilization of your kitchen’s size and floor to design.

Before you spend a significant piece of your money plan the things mannerly, ensure you’re picking astutely.

Secondary to interior paint colors, flooring, cabinets are sure to be the next major feature that will have an impact on your home’s style.  Here’s the way to choose the best cabinets for your kitchen.interior design

1. What are the style of your home and your kitchen?

The first thing is the existing stylistic layout and style of home. This assumes a part in the kind of cabinet to pick. The style you pick will impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

Despite which way you go, distinguishing the style you’re searching for will help limit your emphasis on the easy decisions and give some direction to kitchen planners as well. Keep Reading

Interior Design Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

If you want to remodel your establishment, say, a hotel, there are several factors that you should consider first. These are the business owners who do not have enough budget as of the moment to hire an interior designer. Here are the following tips in designing your hotel like every professional would do.

Always choose lighter and softer colors

When it comes to painting the room, always opt for lighter and softer color. It will make the room feel larger than it’s already are. As much as possible, you should also consider installing large windows to let the natural light pour into the room. Proper usage of mirror reflecting light will also give an illusion of a larger room. You don’t want to greet your guests and important visitors with a very suffocating ambiance of your lobby, or anywhere else in your hotel.

Don’t be afraid to mix up

Even though you’re not an expert, you should never be afraid to mix things up. There’s nothing wrong with an old painting hanging on the wall and a modern couch to provide comfort to your guests. If you want, you can add your personal style and taste, so that guests will have an idea about the owner of the hotel. As much as possible, hang paintings with associated stores. For instance, you might want to get to know the artist of an artwork before you decide to hang it up. Or you can search through your grandfather’s last pieces and display it in your hotel to show the world how artists your family line is.

Consider the comfort

What’s the use of purchasing a fancy and very expensive couch if it’s not very comfortable to sit in? Make sure that you consider comfort more than anything else. There are some guests who bring their children with them. Ensure that all the furniture you are going to place in the hotel can give them greatest comfort to ensure that they will enjoy their stay in your hotel.

Add some books!

If you want to provide entertainment to your guests, aside from Wi-Fi connection, you should also consider installing a mini bookshelf for your guests who love to read books or magazines. It will kill their boredom while they are in the lobby and you can rest assured that a mini bookshelf will also look great in any interior design that you have in mind. Make sure that the books are not too thick or lengthy. Provide books or magazines that can provide great entertainment in just a short period of time.

You don’t need to be an expert in order to design your establishment. You just need to let your imagination get the best out of you. There is nothing more that can attract guests than an inviting hotel, great place, and of course, accommodating staff. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep the aforementioned tips above when it comes to remodeling your lobby or any part of your hotel.

Most Common Hotel Interior Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It cannot be denied that when you are out shopping, especially when you are in interior designing sections and decors, you go home with a thing or two because you would immediately think that it would look good in your lobby. But, once you’ve bought the item and bring it to your hotel, you ask yourself once again why you bought the product in the first place. This is one of the most common mistakes that you should avoid. Here are the following tips you should always keep in mind.

Common interior designing mistake #1

Most of the people do not consider the scale in interior design. Just imagine your guest or an important investor, stepping inside your hotel and everything is exactly at the same level. Always remember that the scale in interior designing is very important. Therefore, you should make sure that you consider giving different heights to your space. That’s why it’s very important that you hire a talented interior designer who knows exactly how to arrange things without it looking too spacious or too bulky.

Common interior designing mistake #2

Unfortunately, not all people know the significance of creating a budget before shopping around. With that being said, you should make sure that you create your budget first before you look for potential interior designers to hire. You should also make sure that you stick within your budget range otherwise it will be rendered useless. Everything must be planned accordingly. So, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in financial aspects, always create a budget and no matter what, stick to it.

Common interior designing mistake #3

There are some people who think that interior designing is simply placing furniture here and there, replacing the paint job, and adding some decors. But, there is more to interior designing than what you could ever know. Make sure that you ask for advice from experts and those who have knowledge in interior designing. There are also several tricks and tips that you can apply in order to improve the interior design of your house or hotel.

Common interior designing mistake #4

One of the common mistakes is neglecting the hanging arts. In interior designing, a few important artworks can be seen hanging on the walls. Therefore, you should not neglect the artworks presented to you by the interior designer. You need to make sure that the artwork is suitable for your hotel, and do a little research about the artist. You need to know something about the artwork before you approve of hanging it there because guests will ask every now and then what the artwork is all about especially if it’s quite interesting.

Knowing the most common mistakes in interior designing can now help you to avoid it and have a better and appropriate interior design for your hotel. To sum it all up, all you need to do is to educate yourself about interior designing and choose the right interior designer for you.

Factors to Consider in Interior Designing

Before you think of hiring an interior designer, it is very important that you educate yourself first with the basics of interior designing. In that way, you can make better decisions and avoid common mistakes in the process. Here are the following factors that you should consider when it comes to designing a house, hotel, or any establishment.


The first thing that you should know about is the lighting. It will define the space that you have. With that being said, the brighter your light is, the more it feels like a larger space that you have. If the light is too dull or gloomy, space will look depressing and not inviting. But if a dark place has pools of warm light, it can make you feel very cozy—just like watching a movie on a Friday night in your room.

Two types of lighting include the synthetic and all-natural. Both of these lightings can be easily manipulated. You can use the blinds, windows, tinted glass, and overhangs if you want to have greater control in lighting.

Color scheme

You should also consider the color scheme. Obviously, the brighter colors you use, the larger the room will look like. Therefore, you should opt for brighter colors, especially if you have kids around and you wanted to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your family or guests in your hotel.

Pattern and Texture

The pattern and texture, when added professionally, can transform your room into a great space. You can choose from the right carpets to use, paintings to hand, and curtains to add. Make sure that it will complement accordingly with your design and it should not stand out like a sore thumb. For instance, rough texture goes well with smoother texture. If you wanted to display larger patterns, then you should display it in bigger surfaces as well such as carpets and artworks hanging on the wall.

Scale and balance

Lastly, you should consider the scale and balance in interior designing. Scale refers to the variety of heights that you want to incorporate in your area. If all things are in the same level, it will look boring and will make you feel like being suffocated. A professional interior designer will know how to place things in the right place and maximize the space of the room.

On the other hand, the balance refers to the contrasting of heights, weights, and colors of the items placed in your room as well. If there are too many heavy things around, it will look suffocating. This works the same if there are too many tiny things around, it will not look pleasant as well.

Now that you know the factors to consider in interior designing, you can now determine the style that you’d want to have in your hotel or house. Aside from that, it can also help you to choose the right interior designer because of your prior knowledge and own preference when it comes to designing your hotel or house.

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